Kelsey Nixon

test kitchen: swiss onion soup

We’ve been at it again in the test kitchen at Cafe Zupas. To offset the dropping temperatures, enjoy a warm bowl of Swiss Onion Soup. We spent days getting the creamy consistency just right along with pairing simple yet satisfying spices to create the perfect bowl of soup for a cold day. Continue reading “test kitchen: swiss onion soup” »

test kitchen: mulligatawny

It’s rare to find a Mulligatawny recipe at a local restaurant…we did our best to bring you India in a bowl and we think you will be pleasantly surprised. This recipe exceeded our expectations in so many ways. From the spice combination to the silky consistency and texture, this soup is an experience all wrapped up into one bowl of soup.  You can find this featured recipe at any of our locations until April 23rd.

test kitchen: salmon chowder

Our Salmon Chowder has been a hit in the test kitchen since its creation. Zupas employees love this recipe and have claimed it as one of their favorites.  We’ve spent months perfecting just the right spice combination and creamy consistency. This time around we tried 6 different types of salmon to find the perfect option to compliment this unique chowder. Continue reading “test kitchen: salmon chowder” »

test kitchen: white bean & chicken chili

Our new White Bean & Chicken Chili isn’t all that new…we’ve just brought it back! This recipe first debuted on our original menu and was just as good back then as it is now. As we ride out the cold winter months we thought this recipe would be perfect to feature. It’s an innovative twist on a classic chili recipe that incorporates green chiles, cumin, white beans and chicken. This hearty meal is topped off perfectly with cheddar cheese and a dallop of sour cream to compliment the heat from the spices perfectly. We’re serving this delicious recipe at all of our locations now through March 27th.

test kitchen: irish stew

We enjoy the opportunities we have to create recipes that coincide with a holiday.  St. Patrick’s Day is known for wearing green, pinching and our favorite…Irish Stew. We worked on getting the ratio of potatoes, cabbage and vegetables just right to create this hearty recipe.  It was important to us to implement as much authenticity in this classic Irish dish as possible.  After a good amount of research (and taste testing) we came up with a Zupas version that is sure to please.  Celebrate your St. Patrick’s Day with a bowl of our new Irish Stew.

test kitchen: french onion soup

Back by popular demand…This recipe required several different versions until we got it just right…and boy did we. I was not sold on this soup until the last revision…now I can’t wait to have a bowl for lunch tomorrow! We spent weeks altering the amount time we cooked the onions, trying different cheese varieties on the crouton, and getting the broth base perfectly balanced. We put a lot of “love” into this recipe and I think you will be able to tell. In addtion to a delcious bowl of full flavored soup, each serving will be topped with a heaping amount of asiago cheese and 2 croutons that have been toasted with olive oil and asiago as well. Valentines Day is the perfect excuse to have a classic bowl of French Onion soup. Stop by for a bowl at any of our locations this week and let us know what you think!

test kitchen: Italian White Bean & Sausage

test kitchen: three bean chili

To kick off the second half of our World Tour, we are celebrating with the perfect cure for a cold winter day, our three Bean Chili. This hearty bowl of chili is filled with a variety of beans, spices, and fresh vegetables. Top it off with cheddar cheese and you have a perfect lunch or dinner on a chilly day.

Test Kitchen- Manhattan Clam Chowder

There’s nothing like a steaming hot bowl of clam chowder in the winter months. In the Café Zupas Test Kitchen we decided to mix things up a bit and give a good ole’ classic a twist. Our Manhattan Clam Chowder is the perfect remedy for a cold day. Continue reading “Test Kitchen- Manhattan Clam Chowder” »

test kitchen: pineapple & sweet potato chowder

Our new and unique recipe straight from the test kitchen this week is a definite keeper. The combination of pineapple and sweet potatoes in a rich chowder is unlike anything you have ever had before. Our biggest challenge was creating the perfect amount of spice to compliment the sweet flavors of the pineapple and coconut.  After a few rounds of getting it just right, we knew that we had created a winner. The originality and incredible flavor in this chowder qualifies it as one of our absolute favorites. This week we will be creating the perfect soup to celebrate the upcoming holiday: Traditional Irish Stew.