Spring Produce Pick: Asparagus

Aparagus 3 (1)

Asparagus is in season and that makes me very happy! I love asparagus and I am so happy it is back in the grocery stores. If you aren’t familiar with the popular spring vegetable, here are a few tips to help you enjoy asparagus this spring.

  • When picking out asparagus at the store, look for stems that are straight, firm, and deep green in color. The tips should be closed with no flowering. Make sure the asparagus spears aren’t dry or wilted. 
  • To help keep the asparagus spears fresh, wrap the ends in a damp paper towel or place in a jar of water. Place the asparagus in the refrigerator for no longer than 2-3 days before using.
  • Before cooking, cut off  the woody ends of the asparagus, about 1-2 inches from the bottom of the spears. Discard the tough ends.
  • You can cook asparagus in a variety of ways. It is good steamed, sautéed, roasted, and grilled.
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20 Ham Recipes

20 Ham Recipes on Cafe Zupas Do you have your Easter menu planned yet? I’m guessing many of us are still finalizing things, so I thought I’d bring you a list of 20 great ham recipes from around the web, perfect for your Easter dinner table. I don’t think you could go wrong with any of these!! Continue reading “20 Ham Recipes” »

Café Zupas World Tour Spring 2014: Pacific Coast Spring Asparagus

Cafe Zupas World Tour Spring 2014: Pacific Coast Spring Asparagus

recipe: Easter Bark

Easter Bark I will totally admit – I have no self control when it comes to holiday candy. I have to practically close my eyes when I walk down the aisle at the grocery store, trying not to put it all in my cart. But somehow, I always end up with bags of candy at home. This Easter season has been especially bad because my kids have been joining in. They beg for bags of pastel eggs and bright jelly beans. And of course, chocolate covered bunnies. Continue reading “recipe: Easter Bark” »

Warm Weather Mocktails: Tropical Refresher

tropical refresher mocktail - stephanie brubaker : stephmodo Welcome to a three-week series on delicious “mocktails” you can easily make at home…no mixology experience required!  All you need are quality juices, fresh herbs and a few beautiful, glass bottles with pretty tops.  I purchased mine at IKEA (they are pictured above) and have been quite pleased so far (note: these recipes are made for this size bottle so use this as an excuse to stock up!).  Also, I recently discovered that many of the juices at Trader Joe’s are not only cost effective, but high quality as well.  The 100% pineapple juice can’t be beat, nor can the $2 orange juice; both found in the refrigerated section.  In fact, all of the ingredients in this recipe can be purchased at TJ’s, making it a one-stop shop. One of my favorites in this series is this Tropical Refresher.  The mint adds a nice kick, which makes me crave Summertime.  This year, I would be a-okay with skipping Spring, in order to jump right into warm weather and cool drinks.  In the meantime, I will be making this again soon to tide myself over.  Enjoy! Continue reading “Warm Weather Mocktails: Tropical Refresher” »

recipe: cinnamon chip cookies

Cinnamon Chip Cookies I am a sucker for cinnamon chips. I like chocolate, but anytime I can find an excuse to use cinnamon chips, I’m there!! I also love cookies, and I love having cookies on hand for my family, so of course I love to combine the two!! Continue reading “recipe: cinnamon chip cookies” »

Café Zupas World Tour Spring 2014: Bangkok Coconut Chicken & Shrimp

Café Zupas World Tour Spring 2014: Bangkok Coconut Chicken & Shrimp

10 Must Make Cauliflower Recipes

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fyi: persimmons

Persimmons A few days ago, I was at the grocery store and spied persimmons sitting there. I actually don’t see them very often, so I had to snag up a few. If you have never had a persimmon, they are a sweet fruit that should only be eaten when completely ripened. If they are not completely ripe, they will be quite bitter. There are many ways that they are eaten, but are most commonly used to make jams or compotes, or used in salads. They are also popular for baking into cakes or breads. Continue reading “fyi: persimmons” »

Café Zupas World Tour Spring 2014: Irish Beef Stew

Café Zupas World Tour Spring 2014: Irish Beef Stew